Branch Master

The current Branch Master for the Shorinji Kempo Kuala Lumpur Branch is Mr. Hosoe Kyohei, a Japanese national who has been working and living in Malaysia for the last 10 years.

Mr Hosoe is one of the three original founders of Shorinji Kempo Kuala Lumpur Branch, having been a part of the joint effort to establish the Branch in 1997 (the other two founders are Mr Yokoyama and Mr Morinaga). He is the third person to hold the title of Branch Master, having assumed the duties and responsibilities of the post from the first Branch Master, Mr Yokoyama, upon his transfer to Vietnam in 2005.

Mr Hosoe is currently 5th dan. In class, he is an friendly, easy-going instructor who likes to laugh and enjoys teaching and guiding the students.

Updated August 2021.