Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I do Shorinji Kempo?
Shorinji Kempo's techniques are constructed in such a way that effectiveness does not come from one's physical strength or size. Everyone can do Shorinji Kempo, regardless of age or sex. Currently, our class has children of six, a sprightly gentleman of sixty five, and every age in between. We also have women, both young and mature, in the class.

What do I wear?
If you are just beginning, tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are fine. Once you have decided Shorinji Kempo is for you and you want to be a member, you will need to purchase a dogi, or the official uniform for Shorinji Kempo.

How much does it cost?
Due to changes to Japan Club regulations, the fee structure for Kuala Lumpur branch changed in July 2012. For more information, please see How To Join. In addition, each kenshi is expected to purchase their own uniforms and belts.

When is the best time to join?
There are no set entry times or intakes. If you want to join us, do it now - there's no time like the present!

Am I required to attend every training session?
Attendance at every class is not necessary. We know there are always other demands on your time (we certainly have them too!) and students are not penalized if they don't attend every class, or even choose to stop training for a while. Having said that, do note that attendance of a set minimum of training sessions (including seminars) is a requirement for attaining the next belt grade, so consistently attending training sessions is the best way to steadily rise through the grades. 

Are there English language materials on Shorinji Kempo?
Yes, the Shorinji Kempo curriculum is available in English. On joining a WSKO branch, the branch master will provide a basic textbook called the "Shorinji Kempo Dokuhon". There are also editions of this book translated to other languages. Additional materials are also available for purchase (by WSKO members only).

Do you compete in competitions?
Shorinji Kempo does not hold competitions or tournaments, as these contradict the philosophy of this martial art.

Updated August 2021.